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F-Script Injection in Mavericks

I continue to use F-Script occasionally to investigate how programs work internally. The framework itself has been updated to handle the changes in OS X Mavericks. However, the developer tools included with Xcode 5 swap out the gdb debugger for lldb, breaking the injection script again. After playing around with the automator action some more, here's what I came up with that works on Mavericks.

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F-Script Injection in Lion

I wanted to use the very handy F-Script environment to snoop around inside an application. F-Script can be injected into running applications by using gdb, which of course works fine, but they also provide a services-menu item for performing the injection. Due to several changes in OS X 10.7 Lion, the automator workflow that came with F-Script to perform this did not work.

I reworked the injector service so it works on Lion and doesn't leave behind (or even create) any temp files.

Server Attack Visualizer In Glorious OpenGL 0

Server Attack Visualizer

This project consisted of two programs. The first was a server, basically just written as a shell script, which sat on a Linux machine watching log files. When an event like a failed SSH login or received spam email occurred, it would take the IP address and use a local copy of the GeoLite City database to look up an approximate latitude, longitude, and city name. This data was then sent to the client program over a UDP socket. The client was written to play around with OpenGL. It received the location data, then plotted an animated great circle "missile...

AVR Plugins for Eclipse 0

AVR Plugins for Eclipse

This set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE was originally designed to provide two key functionalities when developing C/C++ programs for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers (way before Arduino made them cool).