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Homemade Hummus 0

Homemade Hummus

As I said with the Falafel, I love chickpeas and hummus is a classic chickpea-based dish. This tastes even better after it's chilled for a little while to let the flavors mingle. This is a very flexible recipe and the amounts of garlic, lemon, oil, and tahini can be adjusted to suit your taste, or you can add other flavors. I usually add a tablespoon of raw honey to cut down on the sharpness of the garlic.

Baked Falafel 0

Baked Falafel

Chickpeas are my second-favorite legume, behind only black beans. I also love the flavor of cumin. This easy recipe combines both, making a very flavorful meal that is baked instead of being finished the more traditional way of frying.