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I've seen a lot of questions recently on various forums involving MOSFET projects not working as expected.
I've been meaning to write up a quick summary of how to use them for simple microcontroller projects, so I figured this was a good time to do it.

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F-Script Injection in Mavericks

I continue to use F-Script occasionally to investigate how programs work internally. The framework itself has been updated to handle the changes in OS X Mavericks. However, the developer tools included with Xcode 5 swap out the gdb debugger for lldb, breaking the injection script again. After playing around with the automator action some more, here's what I came up with that works on Mavericks.

Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells 0

Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells

This recipe is based on one I saw in a magazine. At first it seemed like the flavors would be a strange combination, but after making a few tweaks, I think the flavors go really well together. They are even better after sitting in the refrigerator overnight and easy to do gluten-free just by using appropriate pasta.

Bandwidth measurement on 4-section cavity filter tuned for 10556 MHz. 0

Scalar Network Analysis with a Spectrum Analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a phenomenally useful piece of test equipment when working on RF circuitry. While used, several generation old spectrum analyzers can be found fairly reasonably priced, network analyzers are usually out of reach for a home lab. However, with a little bit of additional equipment some of the measurements that would normally require a network analyzer can be done on a spectrum analyzer.

Mystery YIG Oscillator 1

Mystery YIG Oscillator

For a project I am currently working on (to be detailed shortly), I needed an oscillator capable of covering 8 to 12 GHz. There are quite a few of the miniature Stellex units on eBay, but they generally don't go much past 10 GHz. There are also tons of Avantek modules, in their standard round format, but a lot of them are custom part numbers with no specifications known. Since this particular project wasn't very sensitive to any of the parameters, I waited for a cheap one to show up with the right range and went for it. With a little investigating, it wasn't very difficult to determine the approximate specs for the module I purchased.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review, Part 1: Hardware 0

Nokia Lumia 920 Review, Part 1: Hardware

As soon as the App Store became available, I purchased an iPhone 3G, then eventually upgraded to an iPhone 4. I really enjoyed both of them, but wanted to try something different. About a year ago, I bought the Nokia Lumia 920 when it became available on AT&T. Here are my thoughts after living with it for a year. This review concentrates only on the hardware.

This is the way I normally use gpredict.  It also shows the single-sat transponder view in the bottom right. 4

gpredict build for Mac

I really like the open-source satellite tracking program predict. I'm primarily a Mac user, so to get it I had to use macports to build it. I don't really care for alternate build systems like that, so to use it on my other systems, I decided to bundle it all up, and to spare some people the trouble, I'm going to post it here.

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Roasted Parsnip & Pear Soup

Wow! This smells great and has an absolutely amazing flavor — very complex, but still smooth and comforting. Also, no modifications are needed to be gluten free.

Easy Orange-Ginger Chicken 0

Easy Orange-Ginger Chicken

This is a very simple orange & ginger chicken recipe, but it has a nice, strong flavor. Also, it is very easy to do gluten-free by using an appropriate soy sauce!