E3D ToolChanger Bowden Tube Management Clips

While setting up an E3D Motion System & ToolChanger, I noticed that with Hemera tools there wasn't a good way to control the path of the Bowden tubes used to feed the filament up to the extruder. Especially right behind the tools, if the tubes got far enough out of position they could keep the tool from docking properly during a toolchange. I designed a couple of parts that clip onto the base plate and the empty extruder mounts in the back panel that keep the tubes under control. I printed 4 of the base clips and 1 each of the tube clips. The two are just slightly different to try to keep the descending tubes as straight as possible using the already existing holes.

Download “ToolChanger Bowden Clip STLs”

ToolChanger-Bowden-Clips-STLs.zip – Downloaded 858 times – 28.54 KB
The back panel clips ensure the tubes come straight down from the dock tube passthroughs

The base plate clips let you keep a nice organized routing to the front corner for the filament pickup brackets

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