Prescription Lens Holder for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

To keep my everyday glasses from getting scratched up, I wanted a set of prescription lenses for use directly in a VR headset. I found some information online that the cheapest way to get some basic lenses was to order the #550021 Black Round Glasses from Zenni Optical. For $10.

I threw together a quick part that could be 3D printed to hold the lenses in place in the proper position.

Been using this for several years now and still using the original prints. Only thing I did was mark the proper rotation of the lens and holder so I can realign them quickly if I have to take them out for someone else to use the headset. The part design could definitely be tweaked a little more to make that part easier, but it definitely works as-is.

The prescription lenses fit in the groove and the whole assembly snaps on over the fresnel lens in the headset.

STL file and Fusion 360 source file are available at Thingiverse.

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