AVR Plugins for Eclipse

This set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE was originally designed to provide two key functionalities when developing C/C++ programs for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers (way before Arduino made them cool).

The first plugin added an AVR Cross-Target option to the project creation wizard which allowed for starting a new project with no specific configuration necessary.

The second plugin added a menu item and toolbar button which could be used to download the hex files for the current project to the target device.

After rewriting and improving the plugins several times, using them for all of my personal work, as well as with a school group, I made them available as open source through a SourceForge project. I maintained them for a little while, but eventually several other individuals took over that project. They are still available and useable! However, vast improvements to Atmel Studio (now Microchip Studio) over the last decade have made them less relevant for most users.

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